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    Sunday Afternoon Fever 7.2.1993 The Death of The Reels

    In the 1st SAF for 1993 as Dave Mason declares the death of The Reels. Doug Anthony All Stars in London, a new single for Duran Duran and I can’t find a guest to interview. So I let the audience interview me. Lance & The Hollywood Kids & Mrs Sinatra too! AND Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra live in the studio direct off the plane from Japan.

    Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine

    Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine is pumping out across Australia, so I foolishly decided to have a word with him about TISM, Root! and DC3 as well. Damian explains his influences behind the album and references people I haven’t heard of and uses words I’ve only read in small labels next to stuff in an art gallery.

    Last time I interviewed Damian, he was screaming “Spreadwell” at me. This interview only goes slightly better. But there is a lot of fucking bad language, so you’ve been warned.

    Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine is what this country needs right now, or maybe Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine album needs a country. I’m fine with both outcomes.


    Simon Day of Ratcat

    Ratcat have played Perth, Melbourne and Sydney recently. Simon Day talks about hearing his songs on the radio for the first time and how you handle not having a hit song. Don’t Go Now, That Ain’t Bad and lots of Ratcat history. Simon Day is here to dispel those rumours he was hit by a kangaroo and has been in a coma since 1993.

    Sunday Afternoon Fever 16.5.1993 – Simon Afternoon Fever

    Simon Day from Ratcat joins Simon Marnie from SBS for Simon Afternoon Fever. Non Simonesque participation from Ru Paul, Thierry Mugler, Greg Fleet AND The Sharp play live in the studio. Callers tell us just what they think of the Simons & Simones of 1993. Regulars Mrs Sinatra is getting over an illness cloud & Lance with The Hollywood Kids does not disappoint with the 90210 gossip.

    Bunga Bunga 11 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    This awkwardly staged photo shows that Bunga Bunga is back for 2015. Our first show for is all CATS. Cats jumping, cats flying planes and generally treating us all with disdain. AND the thorny issue of cats not putting the toilet seat back down. Bunga Bunga declares 2015 International Year of DAAS. Canada, Shonen Knife & Danger 5 too also make an appearance (time permitting).

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