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    Schadenfreude? Or just plain epicaricacy?

    Nicholas Hudson has authored Modern Australian Usage: A practical guide for writers & editors. As Maynard is rubbish at writing, he hopes to get pointers on Australian English and how to win at Scrabble for once. May contain adult concepts, like spelling.

    Nick has a wonderful Terry Thomas like cadence when he talks about his approach to editing Australian English.

    Does a barrister still have forensic skills?

    Am I discriminating against my clothing every day?

    Why use a fancy pants Teutonic word when we have perfectly good English word laying around doing nothing?

    Modern Australian Usage: A practical guide for writers & editors, by Nicholas Hudson is published by Allen & Unwin. More information here

    The Heckler

    Ben Plazzer is the director of a new Australian comedy The Heckler. I’m easily distracted and really liked it. You might too. Ben Plazzer gives you some tips on directing in a toilet and keeping stand up comics from overacting.

    The Heckler movie website

    Errol Brown Mr Hot Chocolate Interview

    Maynard interviews Errol Brown lead singer and songwriter of Hot Chocolatein 2006. Errol talks about their hits and career during the 70s & 80s. And why he shaved his head. He was a true gentleman.

    Bunga Bunga 14 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    This is an epic opus of Bunga Bunga proportions this time. Tim Ferguson & Maynard journey through the world for 90 minutes with no clear destination or known format. If you aren’t offended by something Tim says in this episode, which contains lots of bad language, drug use and ‘Allo ‘Allo, we have failed. NSFW

    Some of the topics covered in this show are: Cinderella, fracking, Maynard invents a Mardi Gras costume, our listeners invent their own religions, Dad’s Army, the French, South Australia, Buffy, waitresses, working for free and Walker – Texas fucking Ranger..

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