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Maynard live from Goros

Toho Nights is Jay Katz latest night in Surry Hills, Sydney. He brings a touch of Tokyo with his sounds and videos. Maynard was invited along to do his thing and they both dressed well for a night of music that Maynard is proud of. There is a complaint about the Human League, but Maynard will not hear a word against any New Romantic.

Maynard rocks the Painters & Dockers

The interview starts off well, with Maynard referring to the legendary band as the Painters Dickers, which could absolutely only be a cue card typo and definitely not a crass moment from the usually chaste Maynard.

This is no ordinary sit-down interview; instead you will find an action-packed rollercoaster, perfectly recreating the experience of Melbourne’s legendary Painters & Dockers playing Sydney for the first time in 25 years at The Factory on Saturday 8th August. Maynard got up, played his trombone with them and spoke with the band, and captured the excitement of what was a blustery night of Dock Rock.

This show is lewd and contains ribald language.

Australian Tunnel Rats vs The Taliban

Interview with Jimmy Thomson, the co-author of Tunnel Rats vs The Taliban. The story of Australian Army engineers in Afghanistan. Explicit language expected.


Hellfire Club Pops Cherries at The Shift

This show is ribald, lewd and not for the faint hearted.

It was a decadent night of openings and virgins as The Sydney Hellfire Club took over its brand new venue, the storied Midnight Shift. Success was guaranteed long before the doors swung open, with a crowd at least a hundred deep waiting to ascend the staircase and take their place in kinky history.

Mistress Ultra (the badass boss) didn’t mind professing to a few opening night nerves, revealing that a new venue is like being a virgin all over again. I couldn’t help likening it to resewing the Hellfire Hymen. Plenty of exciting moments await you inside, including a ridiculously hot combination of Christa Hughes, Nicky Bryson and DJ Sveta describing an Australian first double-stacked suspension performed by DV8 House.

Come… spend the night with Maynard at the Hellfire Club.


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