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    They Might Be Giants tour 2015

    John Flansburgh & John Linnell They Might Be Giants
    They Might Be Giants

    Mr John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants speaks to us from the bustling borough of Manhattan. John and John will be touring Australia in November and would be chuffed if you go to see them. Mr Flansburgh discusses guitars, their upcoming releases and the staying power of the cassette tape.

    Bunga Bunga 19 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga returns! After a few months off, Tim Ferguson has some explaining to do. Maynard is feeling sad, Tim tries to cheer him up by announcing the end of the world. The Muppets lead to a heated debate. They answer your questions and discuss love, loss and Spaceballs. By the end of Bunga Bunga 19 you will have learned nothing, but you will be a little bit wiser. Look out for Bunga Bunga at the Doug Anthony All Stars Sydney shows next week, if you’re there we’d love you to be part of the next show. Bring your Tim’s Historical Hypothetical or just plain old Crankmail with you for what is sure to be two nights that will go down in history as a turning point to something.

    Inside and Outside the Kiss Sydney Concert

    Maynard with Kiss fans outside Sydney concert.

    Kiss played Sydney on Saturday, and just the Kiss stage show is larger than life, so are their fans. Out the front of the arena were three generations of fans, dressed and made up, ready for the huge night it was.

    Even “The Elder”, a lesser appreciated Kiss offering got a mention.

    And we finally got the definitive answer as to why Gene Simmons is such a legend.

    Which explains why this story comes with a language warning.

    Bunga Bunga 18 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    This show is ribald and NSFW.

    Maynard and Tim wonder who the real men are, without the help of Joe Jackson, but with the help of Sting’s underpants in Dune and a Zebra penis. Tim reads out a list of 80s singers he has a problem with. You may be here for a while…

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    Live at Maynard International Studios (annexe)

    Maynard and Richard

    A test of Periscope, live from Maynard International Studios (annexe). Who is Maynard’s favourite 80s band (today) and just what is the best episode of Lost In Space ever made? By the end of this video, you will have learned nothing, but you will be wiser.

    Gene Simmons Interview 1990

    Maynard interviews Gene Simmons in 1990. Gene was producing tracks for Doro Pesch at Fortress Studios in LA that day. Gene Simmons talks about the worst Kiss gig, how many cars he needs and how long the beach Boys could stay alive in New York City.

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