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    My last interview with James Freud

    I was lucky to interview James Freud a number of times in the 80s and 90s, this tape I found recently was the last radio interview I did with him after the release of his Step Into The Heat album in 1990. Mushroom had spent a record amount on the album, something that James hadn’t intended as you will hear.

    I asked him to pick any track off the album to play, something I always like to do as often singles aren’t chosen by the artist.

    James chose Lets Get It On from the album, perhaps because it was the closest track on the album with the sound he originally intended for the entire album.

    He mentions his son Harrison, then 2 and an incident with Madonna that we never did find out about.

    This was not a great time for James, but his natural charm and sense of humour shines through as always. He is missed on the Australian music scene to this day.

    On a technical note, the interview was for my Triple J breakfast show so wasn’t as long as it could have been, the open reel tape suffers from overprinting towards the end, hence the echo effect. Original production by Chris Norris.

    Spin Out movie opening night party

    The big opening night party before the Sydney launch of Tim Ferguson’s movie Spin Out. Lots of excitement about ute driving and free drinks. Paul Livingston, Paul McDermott, Ted Robinson & hordes of Tim’s fans had something to say to Maynard.

    McDermott and Livingston give Maynard the first reports of the Doug Anthony All Stars shows at The Edinburgh Festival and London last month. The first there in more than 20 years.

    Maynard, Paul Livingston and Richard Saunders at Spin Out movie premiere
    Maynard, Paul Livingston ANd Richard Saunders at Spin Out movie premiere

    Miss Death & Maynard live @ WDJSSL 2nd Birthday Party

    What Double J Should Sound Like celebrated its 2nd birthday and over 118 shows last Friday with a bang up party at the Sydney Gaelic Club. Join Miss Death and Maynard as they warm up the crowd early in the evening. Miss Death with her signature spooky sounds and Maynard as he takes a dip in his pop vault.

    DJ Miss Death warms up the crowd at WDJSSL 2nd Birthday party
    DJ Miss Death warms up the crowd at WDJSSL 2nd Birthday party

    What Double J Should Sound Like

    What Double J Should Sound Like on Facebook

    Spin Out – Tim Ferguson, Queen of the Desert

    Maynard is on the set of Tim Ferguson’s new movie Spin Out in Shepparton. Meet the crew, the cast, the dog, and the local police as Maynard talks Utes and circle work.

    Hear from Tim Ferguson, Morgan Griffin, Xavier Samuel, PiaGrace Moon, Lisa Kowalski, Thomas Blackburne, Travis Jeffery and other members of the cast and crew shooting in Shepparton that cold weekend.

    Learn great movie and showbiz terms like “video village”, “data wrangler” and “banned from the set”.

    Finally, Maynard gets schooled in the answer to the question all of Australia has been asking since the appearance of the V8 engine; Holden or Ford?

    Language warning; one really rude filthy word, every ten minutes or so.

    Spin Out at Hoyts

    Spin Out on Facebook

    Tim Ritchie’s empty Sydney

    Tim Ritchie has been involved in the musical life of Sydney since the 70s. He has fallen into early morning photography (via bicycle) for a few years now and his first exhibition is open all this month at Folonomo Gallery in Bourke St.

    Let’s get arty, talking with Tim Ritchie, Paris from Groovescooter, DJ ADHD, Jay Katz, Miss Death & Tony Push at the opening night.

    Music: Optimism by On The Area Steps

    Tim Ritchie on Instagram

    Check out Tim Ritchie’s exhibition this month as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

    What Double J Should Sound Like turns the big 2

    What Double J Should Sound Like turned 2 recently and to celebrate the fact that Campbell Drummond, Jay Katz and crew have run out of periodic table elements to number shows with, it’s the End of Elements party this Friday night at The Gaelic Club in Sydney.

    The Gaelic Club will be arranged in Lounge mode for an evening of eclectic sounds from Campbell Drummond, Jay Katz, Miss Death, DJADHD, Lunar Module (Ant Banister) and even myself will be playing some favourites as well as getting the WDJSSL microphone out into the audience to gather requests for future episodes.

    Controversy still surrounds the inclusion in my set last year of Bananarama, but risky inclusion of The Human League in my playlist this year is sure to make Bananaramagate (as it has become known in legal circles) forgotten in the furore to come this Frday night.

    The visuals that DJADHD throws on the big screen will be sure to blow your tiny ape brain beyond the elements for the foreseeable future.

    It kicks off at 7pm and it’s all over, bar the shouting about that Human League track, by midnight.

    Get into the mood for Friday night by hearing the latest What Double J Should Sound Like 116 (Livermorium edition)

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