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    Voice of the Beehive, Sydney, 1992

    Voice of the Beehive played toured Australia in 1992 and rocked my world during their Sydney shows in 1992.

    Voice of the Beehive sisters Tracey Bryn & Melissa Brooke Belland, as well as Daniel “Woody” Woodgate (Madness) blew into the Triple J studios one Friday afternoon. Wearing fairy outfits and waving magic wands with Woody sporting a huge grin, I knew this interview was going to be fun. It was. The songs I Walk The Earth, Perfect Place, Don’t Call Me Baby, Adonis Blue and their power pop cover of I Think I Love You are some of my favourite pop songs of the late 80s/early 90s.

    Voice of the Beehive played Enmore Theatre and the northern beaches while in Sydney in 1992 and I never have found out the secret about the possible surfer guy or why Woody always has a clean white t-shirt on tour.

    Voice of the Beehive on Wikipedia.

    Voice of the Beehive on Myspace.

    Have some fun with Melissa & Tracey as the show off their fashion and dance moves 1988 style.

    Voice of the Beehive join a top lineup to play Indie Daze in London, October 4.

    Tracey Bryn, Melissa Belland, signed I Think I Love You CD single
    Tracey Bryn, Melissa Belland, signed I Think I Love You CD single

    Bunga Bunga 38 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 38 brings together the raw emotion of Tim Ferguson pining for his beautiful wife and Maynard bustin’ some new dance moves while feeling funny in his water about touching someone else laundry.

    Tim has some advice for Government, God and even the occasional listener

    AND we all can groove to the 80s as well as some organ antics from way back.

    We answer your Crankmail, Tim wears a shirt and Maynard gets a free drink.

    Check out Maynard’s smooth dance moves at Electronique on Sunday. See you there August 6th.

    The international Trans symbol.

    Maynard on a political show?

    Rainbow Wars, not Colour Wars as Maynard said on the show.

    This guy can play the Hammond organ like hell.

    Upcoming Doug Anthony All Stars shows

    Tim’s Fake news You Can Trust at New Daily

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