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    Bachelors from Prague, perpetual cool

    Two interviews with Melbourne’s Bachelors from Prague, 1989 & 1990. Henry Maas & Andrew Philipp are both up early (twice) to talk about The Energetic Cool and Great albums.

    Despite my not really being able to describe their sound or genre accurately, Henry and Andrew are very patient with me. Even going so far as to give me a job offer.

    All the important issues are covered, the size of their dressing room, why they don’t wear bright colours and is their manager Mario Macaroni a fictional character?

    We even namecheck a few long gone venues like The Harbourside Brasserie and IDs.

    Thankyou to Bachelors from Prague for all the very cool good times.

    And they are back,so go see them! (and their dressing room)

    Bachelors from Prague Facebook page

    Bunga Bunga 41 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 41 has Tim Ferguson giving dating advice to Maynard, but in doing so, he reveals a terrible secret.

    They both reveal the until now, secret upcoming Bunga Bunga live show; The Festival of Dumb Ideas, to be recorded at Harold Park Hotel, 14th November. they want to meet their audience and simultaneously find out if they have one.

    Tim & Maynard spy on a couple at the Madame Frou Frou Cafe, Tim claims he can read their minds. Maynard questions the wisdom of yoga pants.

    Bunga Bunga 41 has wide ranging themes, from dancing vs spoonology as an art form, to the always thorny issue of killing something in the name of poetry.

    But the discussion gravitates to comedy, sex and Sci-Fi.

    But not before Tim reveals an alarming trend in his cat Kitler’s musical taste.

    Come and bring your Crankmail and we’ll answer your questions live.

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    Maynard in Playboy mourning shirt
    Maynard in Playboy mourning shirt

    Playboy coffee art at Madame Frou Frou
    Playboy coffee art at Madame Frou Frou

    Bunga Bunga Live! – The Festival of Dumb Ideas

    The hilarious podcast BUNGA BUNGA will be performed & recorded live!
    Tuesday 14th November at their local, The Harold Park Hotel, Glebe.
    Funny man Maynard & even funnier man Tim Ferguson, present an evening of comedy, wits and foolishness..
    Smart, sharp, sexy are just 3 words! Learn even more words at the show.
    Bunga Bunga promises tantalising and useless information to goose up your mind.
    Razor sharp blunt tools will make quick work of the nation’s problems.
    You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll dance like Cory Bernardi is watching.
    The stars of Australia’s fastest-growing podcast will meet special guests and explain the world.
    Bring your Crankmail and leave with the certainty that you know everything (like Tim does)
    Special Guest for our interview chair will be Simon Day of Ratcat (and many other things)

    Tuesday 14th November
    $15 (el cheapo)
    Harold Park Hotel, Glebe

    BUNGA BUNGA – you know what it means!

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    The Killjoys for breakfast

    The Killjoys from Melbourne were always one on my favourite bands from that city. Although musically the opposite of bands like The Bachelors From Prague and certainly TISM, they carried a similar fun loving spirit about their music and live they were always, well, a delight.

    On 5th July 1991 I recorded this for the Triple J breakfast show and it has gone unheard since then.

    The Killjoys formed in 1987 and at this time in 1991 their album Ruby won an ARIA award for Best Independent Release. If you are a keen scuba diver, you may be able to find that award at the bottom of Darling Harbour near the wharf, as it was dropped accidentally overboard, shortly after it was awarded to the band, while they were on their way to a post awards party. The Killjoys even hired a diver to look for the ARIA award next day.

    It has yet to be found.

    Get together with Caroline Schwerkolt, Craig Pilkington (who went onto The Blackjacks), Anna Burley and Will Larsen (up the back playing a hell tambourine) to hear One & Only and the sweet Calling Me On.

    Start saving up for a vibraphone, because after hearing The Killjoys, you’ll want your own.

    AND the best news is that they are back together and you can experience them again.

    The Killjoys recording session engineers at Triple J for this were Geoff Overmyer & Chris Norris.

    The Killjoys official website

    The Killjoys Bandcamp page

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