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    Bunga Bunga 46 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard in Bunga Bunga 46, a shenanigan that will live in infamy, answer the questions other podcasts even fear to speak aloud. We even crack open our Crankmail.

    When is unfunny funny?

    Should you be polite to Hitler?

    Why can’t Tim Ferguson ever be friends with Paul McCartney? “If that’s the level of clarity Paul McCartney has about his own lyrics, no wonder John Lennon hated his guts.”

    What music does Maynard really play in his VW?

    Plus speculation on $2 wine and Buddha’s bladder. Sure, it’s not a great wine, but it is WINE.

    This is a podcast described by a 9 year old who didn’t get an ice cream as “this is bullshit”.

    We find out that Tim has given Maynard a valuable gift for his Bug Out Bag (maybe).

    Maynard becomes the Grammar Guy. “I don’t even know what a split infinitive is, but I know what I like.”

    Tim saves Canada and but more importantly,finally uncovers the Greens fiendish endgame.

    And we test drive a new bit, Schrödinger’s Cool….

    As you heard in Bunga Bunga 46

    Wear your Activewear

    Morris Minor & The Majors second single, only charted in Australia.

    Possibly the best opening action scene to any Bond movie, with Sir Roger in his day glow 70s ski gear. Check out the cowbell.

    James Bond Radio, for a deep dive into Bondage.

    Scathing Atheist (thanks for the Thanos)

    The Skepticrat (thanks for the Bunga)

    The world in which we live in? You decide.

    Late night traffic stop with Dr Schrödinger.

    Toonces, the driving cat.

    Absolute filth.

    Our little mean kid sticks it to the Caped Crusader.

    Maynard & Tim Ferguson at Supernova 2016.

    The hell of Glebe Pt Road
    The hell of Glebe Pt Road. As heard in Bunga Bunga 46.

    Lene Lovich live in Sydney 1985

    Lene Lovich recorded live in Sydney, by Triple J, Thursday 2nd May 1985.

    The songs are Sister Video, Lucky Number & Blue Hotel.

    Thanks to the Triple J sound crew for making this so cool.

    Photo credit Dr Jazz, 1980.

    See the other great photos he took of Lene in 1980 in Zurich

    Patreon Pandering June (Video)

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard suck up via a special Patreon Pandering video for June, only for the Patreon supporters of Planet Maynard.

    If you are one of those helpful people, enjoy the video.

    If you aren’t, support the show with a monthly amount and become one of the people Planet Maynard fawns over every month…

    Patreon Pandering for June

    Lunch with Lance Leopard

    Time for a serious Oxford Street lunch with Lance Leopard, but not till after an even more serious viewing of Valley of the Dolls, a movie Lance agrees is a “great starting point for any camp movie collection’.

    Join Maynard as he visits Lance Leopard, high in his ivory tower of scuttlebutt, where all secrets are hidden and revealed, overlooking the inhospitable wilds of Darlinghurst.

    Topics covered in this show include, Delilah, The Gibson Brothers, Madonna’s movie career, Jane Fonda, Liberace, Marilyn Monroe on the piano, Bill Collins, Village People, Claire de Lune, Joe Hasham and ABBA.

    Lance declares two “stupid films” that should never have been made. While Maynard gets the best scene from Tank Girl wrong.

    And the next time someone you know isn’t getting what you are saying, just do what Lance does, and ask them; “can you hear the drums Fernando?”.

    Lance did have a few other things he wished to be quoted on;

    “I’m glad you’re working hard on this show Maynard, I’m as lazy as Dean Martin.”

    “I thought the Madonna film Body of Evidence was a great film in a genre I’ve made up called faux Hitchcock.”

    “Madonna can act, when she’s directed well and she’s not the leading character.”

    “My favourite Bond film is Moonraker, it’s James Bond in space AND Shirley Bassey belts out the theme song.”

    “I ironed Neil Tenant’s pants once backstage because the Pet Shop Boys wardrobe assistant had gone missing at The Phoenix Bar on ecstasy or something. I blame the gays.”

    “I have long arms, so it never looks like I’m taking a selfie. It looks like I’m just waving.”

    “I’ve been called a gay icon, and I’ve been called worse.”

    “Now a new audience has rediscovered me, I’m trapped with my quiff, my perfect eyebrows and my matte complexion.”

    ” Now that I’m older, I’ve realised timing and lighting is EVERYTHING.”

    Enjoy your lunch with Lance, see you at the buffet….

    Maynard’s 1989 interview with Jackie O’Sullivan of Bananrama during their Australian tour

    Madonna in Lance’s favourite scene from Dick Tracey, love that dialogue.

    Lunch with Lance. Lance Leopard enjoys some Valley of the Dolls Karaoke.
    Lance Leopard enjoys some Valley of the Dolls Karaoke.
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