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    Bunga Bunga 48 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 48 sings to the world in a voice not unlike a cat locked out your house on a cold winter’s night. Listen to this show and you won’t get a good night’s sleep.

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard truely, madly and creepily change the history of Australia’s national anthem while disrespecting several other national anthems in the process.

    Of course your new national anthem doesn’t like us. But that’s just jealously talking.

    Tim also breaks the news that the 2 hour documentary on The Doug Anthony All Stars will be screened on ABC TV this year in two filth ridden parts. Covering the entire career of the group, with video clips going back to 1984, when George Orwell was a DJ.

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    The Brady Bunch Special from Sunday Afternoon Fever

    Skeptic Zone science stuff

    DAAS on Canberra television 1984

    The national anthem of Woolongong

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    Maynard conducts a multi-lingual choir. Tim did the arrangement, but wasn’t able to make it on the night. The blood stained shirts were his idea.

    Sydney’s own Tijuana Taxi, live at The Camelot Lounge.The maraca work is intense.

    Listen to James Bond Radio,full interview with Joseph McGrath, first of the six directors to work on the 1966 film. (It did win a best song Oscar for “The Look Of Love” by Dusty Springfield)

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    Groove with Maynard in Perth Saturday night

    Saturday night 11th August, I’ll be in Perth for a night of 80s sounds at The Hellenic Club.

    I’ll be playing my favourites from New Romantic to Old Disco so come and party with us all , The legend herself Krittah Critter will be starting the night with a kick ass set, Steve Steil O’Neil will be playing all your favourites and some early House Music and 80s club Anthems

    Find out more and get your tickets

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