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    Maynard & Lance Leopard present BARBARELLA

    Movie buff Lance Leopard and movie bluffer Maynard, for their June 4th U Gotta See This! movie night present and introduce the Jane Fonda 1968 sci-fi fantasy BARBARELLA.

    The production still above shows Lance and Maynard getting close to the making of the film as possible.

    Lance Leopard has been under Pygar’s angelic wings for a while now and will be on hand to describe the experience to anyone who will listen.

    Maynard promises a few 1960s shorts from his pop culture collection of claptrap

    Red Bar (upstairs) 36 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney.

    Shorts start around 7pm
    $10 (get your tickets below)
    Pretty, Pretty.

    Tickets for Barbarella June 4th

    Facebook Event, U Gotta See This! – Barbarella

    Jane Fonda as Barbarella in green mini dress with ray gun.
    Jane Fonda as Barbarella (1968) with a speculum ray gun.
    Maynard's Archive