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    U Gotta See This! Flying High (pop up trivia version) 1980

    For the FINAL TIME, movie bluffer Maynard presents the festival of wrongness and one of the funniest movies ever, Flying High (1980)

    Legendary Sydney DJ Geoff The Shopkeeper has sourced us a “pop up trivia” version of the movie. So we can laugh, watch and learn along with Leslie Neilson, Peter Graves and our favourite Johnny.

    Maynard & Geoff will also introduce the film and show you some of their favourite shorts. They’ll combine their knowledge for what will be a unique group viewing experience, U Gotta See This!

    “And don’t call me Shirley”.

    Tuesday night 1st October at Red Bar.

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    Poster for Maynard presents Flying High movie 1st October
    U Gotta See This! Flying High (pop up trivia version) 1980

    Maynard’s Loveshack 5 – September 21st

    If you like your retro sounds eclectic, this is the night for you. Maynard, the retro DJ presents a night of shameless sounds that celebrate the pop and pretentiousness of the late 20th century.

    DJ TC will be playing a set of dance tracks “brought to you by the letter H” from 8pm. So get your Disco on early. (includes The Hustle AND Haircut 100)

    Come along, dress like it’s whatever year YOU want, and check your cool at the door!

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    Getting the sparklers started at Maynard's Loveshack
    Getting the sparklers started at Maynard’s Loveshack
    Maynard and dance floor Loveshack 3
    Maynard and dance floor groovin’ at Loveshack 3. Love those glow stick bunny ears.
    Come meet my parrot!
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