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    DJ Mark Alsop – Moving forward, glancing back.

    DJ Mark Alsop has been a favourite DJ across Australia for 36 years. He started in Oxford Street, Sydney and is a valued member of the GLBT community. In this show he has some stories, dirt and music to share. So listen up and meet his dog, Boo Boo.

    Boo Boo isn’t spoilt. He’s just well looked after.

    Coming to you from Mark’s undisclosed location, it’s a podcast full of tales you might not have heard and just some of the music Mark loves. We perhaps answer that burning social issue; What is the gayest track ever?

    With decades of experience in the Sydney DJ box, here’s sure fire advice on the one thing NEVER to do in a club:

    Don’t type your request out in size five font on your phone that only a fifteen year old can read, then wave it around in front of the DJ booth like a monkey.

    DJ Mark Alsop on the Navigation cruise 2007
    You can see his backwash.

    His views on marriage:

    I’m a big homosexual. What would I be doing marrying a woman?

    AND finally find out how we feel about people asking for requests:

    People asking for requests… that never ends well.

    DJ Mark Alsop’s comprehensive website, including his remixes and podcast:


    There’s that time he was filmed in bed with a woman as well:

    Mark Alsop and Maynard go aft during the Navigaytion cruise 2007:

    Maynard & DJ Mark Alsop, Leather Pride Fair Day 2005
    Maynard & DJ Mark Alsop, Leather Pride Fair Day 2005
    DJ Mark Alsop & DJ Sandi Hotrod Sydney Leather Pride fair day 2004
    Leather Pride Fair Day 2004 Mark Alsop Sandi Hotrod
    Mark Alsop with Paul
    Mark & Paul

    Maynard’s Loveshack – October 26th

    If you like your retro dance sounds eclectic, this is the night for you. Maynard, the retro DJ, presents a night of shameless sounds that celebrate the pop and pretentiousness of the late 20th century. We play both sorts of music Disco AND New Romantic.

    A Loveshack good time.

    DJ TC will be playing a supporting set of disco dance tracks from 8pm. On the 26th his set will all about “forgotten classics”. Expect to hear Melissa Tkautz “Read My Lips”, Cathy Dennis “Touch Me”, Sigue Sigue Sputnik “Love Missile F1-11” and Mel & Kim “Showing Out”. So get your Disco on early.

    80s dancers at Loveshack
    Dancers get the Loveshack vibe.

    Let’s get straight to the biscuits! What can you expect to hear at Maynard’s Loveshack?

    A lot of rushing, hushing and flushing as the famous Loveshack Rocket blasts off into orbit.

    Jump on board and get your groove on to cosmic music like this:

    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You -Boys Town Gang

    Tainted Love – Gloria Jones

    Stop – Spice Girls

    Venus – Tom Jones

    Jump Around – House of Pain

    Respectable – Mel & Kim

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- Bette Midler

    Shocked – Kylie Minogue

    Express Yourself – Madonna

    To Cut A Long Story Short – Spandau Ballet

    My Own Way – Duran Duran

    Tijuana Taxi – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

    So, come along, dress like it’s whatever year YOU want, and check your cool at the door!

    Loveshack Facebook event

    Couple at Loveshack
    Shom and Rebecca with their New Romantic party hats.
    Maynard's Archive