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    A Very Recalcitrant Xmas 2019

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard bring you A Very Recalcitrant Xmas 2019, the Xmas show that doesn’t really want to be here.

    Tim wants Lego for Xmas, Maynard doesn’t even want Xmas for Xmas.

    Ferguson has his usually spot on predictions for next year, remember he has correctly called every Australian election this century.

    To help along the way we have podcast friends from around the world dropping in to make this the most recalcitrant show of your festive season.

    Lance Leopard, The Darbys, Karl & Andy from Who Are These Podcasts?, George Hrab, Christopher Laird & Tony Push all bring us their reality of Xmas. See if it matches yours.

    From all here at Planet Maynard we wish you A Very Recalcitrant Xmas 2019

    The Isotopes Xmas groove on Soundcloud

    The Very Barry Crocker Xmas show from 1989

    George Hrab with his Geologic podcast

    Tune into Who Are These Podcasts?

    The Darbys Facebook page

    Christopher Laird & Rather Resplendent Records

    Everything Tim Ferguson

    A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas 2018

    Maynard and his fellow travellers present the most confusing fun you will have this festive season in A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas.

    In 2018 Planet Maynard went from being roasted by Who Are These Podcasts? (they have over 12 million listeners) to celebrating 50 episodes of Bunga Bunga with Tim Ferguson AND rediscovering Sydney 1990s gossip legend Lance Leopard (who was signing and selling indulgences on the traffic island at Taylor Square).

    Lance Leopard is very excited this Xmas about his new velour Playboy smoking jacket with matching pillow and credenza. Because if there’s one thing we know about Lance, he’s out to impress the ladies.

    Lance Leopard relaxes while recording A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas 2018
    Lance Leopard relaxes on his new credenza in A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas 2018

    Thanks to Karl from Who Are These Podcasts?  Check out his band The Isotopes.

    Great review of the movie that inspired Lance’s best Xmas present ever Airport 79.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard recording A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas 2018
    Tim Ferguson & Maynard in A Very Very Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas 2018

    Tim Ferguson took time out from whizzing round Australia teaching comedy to give us a wrap of the year and tell about his new solo comedy show. It will be touring Australia starting in January 2019 in Perth and going most places in Australia throughout 2019. It’s called My Fast Life On Wheels.

    Tim’s website can tell you where and when you can see it.

    Christopher Laird in his frightening Vinyl Dungeon show and the Radio Nowhere archive.

    George Hrab sings his Xmas song of non belief. Check out his Geologic Podcast.

    Bjorn Again ABBA up Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

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