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    George Hrab – Bond, Bee Gees & Baths

    George Hrab has been a favourite of mine to interview since first meeting him in 2010 at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) Australia.

    George is the fun filled science communicator-adjacent, overly-talented musician from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

    I have known George for 10 years, but only met him 3 times. So of course we are best friends.

    This 30 minutes has the usual wide ranging and seemingly random topics. Expect bathroom etiquette, attractive women wanting to kill you, and trombones.

    From humble beginnings overcoming the shame of Moonraker being his first James Bond film, to performing around the world solo, with a string quartet or his usual 9 piece funk band The Philadelphia Funk Authority.

    Whenever there’s a “big blow” on, I try to be in the bath.

    George Hrab, Hydro Enthusiast
    George Hrab in snappy 3 piece suit
    George scubas up well folks.

    I am comfortable with my role as the brain sorbet of the science communication community.

    George Hrab, the popular palate cleanser.
    Pick Up The Pieces
    George performing Small Comfort live with string quartet at QED in Manchester, England.
    Geo’s regular fireside acoustic one man Jam.

    George & Maynard get together backstage in Las Vegas after working 48 hours straight in 2012.

    George Hrab’s wonderful world online

    Maynard & George Hrab 2010
    Maynard & George Hrab 2010
    The scene George & Maynard reference at end of show.

    Tom Jones – the legend and his pants.

    Maynard interviews the mighty Tom Jones for radio Triple J in 1988, just before Tom released “Kiss” in Australia, and then for 2SER, backstage at Sydney Entertainment Centre after his 1995 concert.

    Hear the legend, his voice, and his secret of long lasting pants.

    I get my trousers specially made. So busted pants for me are now a thing of the past.

    Tom Jones 1988
    Maynard with Tom Jones 1988
    Maynard with Tom Jones, Southern Cross Hotel, 1988

    I’ve never taken myself too seriously. If I’m going to do an up tempo song, I’ll have fun with it.

    Tom Jones 1988
    Just Help Yourself to some Tom 1968.

    Tom Jones turned 80 this month……

    Maynard with Tom Jones 1995
    Maynard with Tom Jones backstage Sydney Entertainment Centre, 1995.
    “Think I better dance now!” Kiss 1988
    John Ottway front cover of his version of Green, Green, Grass of Home.
    John Otway front cover of his version of Green, Green Grass of Home.

    Video – Olivia Newton John – off her skates.

    Olivia Newton John was in Brisbane in 1999 and Maynard renewed his acquaintance with her for an hour, talking about her music and movie career.

    Starting with Sam (1977), then Grease (1979), on to Xanadu (1980) and then to her getting Physical (1981).

    Spend an hour with Livvy.

    It was the 20th anniversary of the Grease movie and soundtrack, and she discussed her nervousness at auditioning for the role of Sandy for Alan Carr, even though he had specifically asked her to take the role, after meeting her at a dinner party at Helen Reddy’s Los Angeles home.

    Olivia Newton John sings Xanadu on Countdown 1980
    Olivia Newton John sings Xanadu on Countdown 1980

    In this show you’ll be transported (on roller skates) by Olivia performing songs from the movie Xanadu on the grand final of the Countdown Xanadu Dance contest.

    Maynard reads from the book of Grease to Olivia Newton John 1999 Foxtel
    Maynard reads from the book of Grease to Olivia Newton John 1999.

    The show starts with her early sound, and takes you through her pop and movie career, then goes full circle back to her latest Country release.

    Olivia newton John with Maynard 1990
    Doing the mark of Xanadu with Olivia Newton John 1990. Triple J.

    Olivia Newton John Wikipedia

    Some of the other Rewind shows here (there are even more if you look)

    Rewind Rude show Channel V

    If you want rude video clips you can’t tell your Mum about, this is the music video show for you.

    Bums, boobs and bad habits are on show in this rude show from 1999 on Channel V.

    It’s a Rude Show

    From Betty Page to Duran Duran, Sir Mi-A-Lot to Latex, there’s something for no one on Maynard’s naughty journey through pop.

    Madonna in hallway on Maynard rude show video special
    What’s Madonna doing in that hallway?

    Some of the other Rewind shows here (there are even more if you look)

    Latest Madd Club livestream

    Maynard looking shocked by rude video clip
    You’ll be clutching your pearls by the end of the show as well.
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