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    Madd Club livestream August

    The One Man Madd Club show really stepped up its game this time. To just below par.

    Enjoy your August Madd Club

    Hear some tunes from TISM, Painters & Dockers, even Donna Summer. Maynard’s Madd Club has both sorts of music, and you mightn’t like either of them.

    Enjoy the Maynard fashions from Astro Boy to Demis Roussos. Some powerful colours and pants there.

    See what happened earlier in the year when we tried this.

    Video – Plate Spinning Retro Classics

    In this Rewind show from 1997 you’ll have the usual retro excitement you expect from Maynard on an old VHS tape.

    Plenty of underpants on your head fun in this show

    There’s the opening tension of the best plate spinning on cable TV followed by Adam Ant, Human League and The Fat Boys.

    Adam and the Ants on Maynard's Rewind show 1997
    Adam Ant jumps in to unplug your jukebox
    Maynard with audience on Foxtel 1997
    Maynard’s huge live audience gets the retro fever, Foxtel 1997

    Bunga Bunga 63 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 63 brings the joy of film, music and maritime safety right up your astral plane.

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard hold aloft their disappointing splendour of sound. This time it’s serious film critic vs comedy and Tim takes it personally. Maynard ponders that Whitney might have saved the Titanic.

    So as usual Bunga Bunga leaves a mess.

    There is no cure for a grumpy cat, except to put them in a leadership position.

    Tim Ferguson (shares a space with Kitler)
    Batman warns of the “deadly daily danger” that is all around us
    Maynard & Tim singing along with Bunga Bunga 63
    Maynard & Tim singing along with Bunga Bunga 63
    Aaron Thoughty2 hates bathos and Tim takes it personally.
    Kevin Rowlands Rag Doll 2020

    The big Madd Club video livestream August 21st

    The confusing Madd Club July livestream

    Tim’s art available by commission

    Tim Ferguson online workshop on Sitcom writing August 16th & 23rd

    Paris When It Sizzles soundtrack

    Kevin Rowlands 1999 video for Concrete & Clay
    You think you’ve had a rough day. What about Hitler’s alligator?
    The raw excitement of 1985s Spacebridge

    Where to get a Vengaboys t-shirt

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