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    Maynard’s Mastermind Quiz October 2020

    Maynard’s Mastermind quiz for October proves once again that the only real loser in this quiz is the host. Joined by Richard Saunders in the Laslo Panaflex studios, overseen by a moody cat, you’re in for quite the chaotic show.

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    This month as well as the expected Melrose Place question, expect questions on music, retro culture and Bruce Samazan.

    September’s quiz

    Maynard wears his happy hat during Maynard's Mastermind quiz.
    Richard is obviously impressed by Maynard’s happy hat.

    Frank Bennett TV Special

    Frank Bennett was the swingin’ guest on Rewind on the release of his Cash Landing album in 1999. What a guy, what a sound, what a suit!

    An hour with Frank Bennett and friends

    Frank’s career spans 2 albums, a cable TV show and live appearances across Australia since 1995. Even multi ARIA nominations didn’t slow him down.

    Frank Bennett croons in his local supermarket
    Frank Bennett croons in his local supermarket

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the big band boy from Bankstown is on this hour special.

    Frank Bennett appears
    Frank Bennett appears through the door of gratuitous applause

    Plus music clips from Nina Simone, Frank, Elvis, even Bob Downe with Pastel Vespa.

    Bob Downe & Pastel Vespa sing
    Bob Downe & Pastel Vespa turn up on the show for a sing song

    Frank Bennett swings live

    Frank Bennett Wikipedia page

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