• Shameless 80s in Sydney

    The first night as MC in Melbourne at the very special Palais Theatre was a cavalcade of 80s sights and sounds. Although someone forgot to tell the crew there had been an MC added to the lineup, so sometimes my mic channel wasn’t up on the front of house sound desk. Paul Grey of Wa Wa Nee is a very helpful and gracious Musical Director, who helped me fill the gaps.

    But the audience is up for a variety show in the vein of an 1980s Corny Collins of Hairspray. Limahl and Terri Nunn have a great sense of humour and the the tour seems to have an air of fun about it that perhaps a Morrissey tour may not.

    Enmore theatre in Sydney and already our two almost biological perfect and indistinguishable dancers have been compared to Kenny Everett’s Hot Gossip dancers in one review. I’m on the right show.

    See you tonight Sydney, got to do my eyeliner the way that James Freud taught me. (we used Kohl brand pencil I think)

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