• Adam West, Batman’s Bright Knight

    Adam West was fond of saying that the 1960s were about the three Bs; Beatles, Bond and Batman. While that may be an over simplification, I am overly simple. So I’ll go with that.

    I’ve curated a short video list of Adam West performances below that are well worth your screentime.

    The mere idea that William Shatner AND Adam West could have starred together in weekly series of Alexander The Great in 1963 should have been sign of big things to come. Big camp 1960s things.

    The Last Precinct was a little seen police sitcom that had a short run in 1986 and was a good vehicle for Adam West’s surreal side. A side that would be explored in full as Lookwell and Mayor Adam West.

    Ty Lookwell, as the capsule description from 1991 states, was a “washed-up TV action detective hero who falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life.”

    I enjoyed the obvious serious psychological issues that Lookwell has and how the voice of the Shakespeare statue he regularly visits helps him (accidentally) solve the case. How this would have been treated with Robert Smigel (Triumph The Insult Comic Dog) and Conan O’Brien (everything good in this world) writing the ongoing series would have been a festival of wrongness to say the least.

    Lookwell was green lighted and was due to go into production for NBC, but the pilot didn’t do well with audiences and the network never took the series up.

    Enjoy these few snippets of Adam West. We can all take the advice of Ty Lookwell when being unceremoniously removed from the police commissioners office, as he admonishes a junior police officer for not recognising him from his 70s detective show;

    “Maybe if you watched more television, you’d be better at your job.”

    To the Batpole…

    The Last Precinct


    Alexander The Great

    They May Be Drinkers Robin..

    The Batusi

    Batman surfs

    Mayor Adam West and his cat launcher

    Some more of Mayor Adam West

    Great interview with Adam West from 2016

    Adam West

    That time I thought I was a crime fighter

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