• Video – Allan Carr Interview, roller skates and a Whippet

    Allan Carr is the star on this show from 1999. Allan is on the phone from LA talking about his work on Grease, Can’t Stop The Music and his career as a producer.

    Helping Maynard out with the show are Emma and Leah the rollerskating waitresses from Q Bar in Oxford Street, Sydney.

    Tilley the wonder dog Whippet also appears courtesy of Smackos.

    Allan Carr, rollerskating waitresses, and a whippet on the show today

    You’ll also hear lots of roller skating music from Allan Carr’s movies, you’ll see Spandeu Ballet, Transvision Vamp, Prince and a whole heap more…

    Alan Carr on Maynard's Rewind show on Foxtel 1999
    Allan Carr talked about Grease, Cant Stop The Music and his career in one of his last interviews in 1999.
    Tilley the wonder dog on Maynard's Rewind show
    Tilley the wonder dog was really the star of this show.

    Here’s another fun episode of Rewind.

    Allan Carr on Wikipedia. Learn more about his amazing career.

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