• Australia’s Coldest 100 – 2020

    Australia’s Coldest 100 returns on 25th January with some of the weirdest music Australia has ever spawned.

    The Coldest 100 was the creation of Andrew Sholl on Twitter in 2016 and has been the embarrassing family member at the barbecue of Triple J’s Hottest 100 ever since. Anyone can have a guess at the hottest song of the year. But who has ever nominated Margarita Pracatan or Daryl Somers performing his version of Thankyou for Being a Friend ?

    @Ozkitsch Andrew Sholl has allowed me to play you a few spoilers from the big day on Saturday (about 25).

    Miss World contestants 1989 cover Kylie Minogue
    Hey Hey, It’s a Ballarat charity telethon 1988
    Les Hamsters just missed out making The Coldest 100 this year. Sacre bleu!

    See what you missed in 2019’s Coldest 100

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