• Bunga Bunga 34 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 34 dives straight into the naughty end of the pool, with Tim Ferguson declaring himself a feminist centrist. Maynard doesn’t know what this means so foolishly asks for his opinion on offensive comedy and stop/walk sign sexual ambiguity.

    Tension is in the Bunga Bunga air as Tim Ferguson gets snippy about free speech and your mouth. Planet Maynard is up for an award and Tim has written the perfect speech, win or lose.

    The listeners problems are solved, you find out what’s in Maynard’s Bug Out Bag and we all spot Hilary Clinton in a beer truck.

    We even have the brief return of the unemployed screen writer of Glebe, while Tim reads a statement on his feelings towards Northcote (again).

    Planet Maynard, it’s not where you live.

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