• Bunga Bunga 36 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    The pantomime horse of Australian podcasting Bunga Bunga 36 is back in your ears with a burst of wisdom, advice and poor life choices that you can take to the bunk. That isn’t a typo.

    Tim Ferguson is earning dancer dollars with a butter dish while Maynard is earning a high distinction in misdirection by declaring Jedward the winner of this year’s Eurovision.

    The Doug Anthony All Stars had to cancel their Perth show, but Tim is adamant it’s not his fault, but a nationwide appeal and witch hunt has begun none the less.

    Bunga Bunga 36 investigates Bros, Star Wars and Tchaikovsky and finds them all guilty. Yet Tim Ferguson is a free man after telling a 1600 year old joke, there truely is no justice in this world.

    Bunga Bunga from last time DAAS played Newcastle

    Upcoming Doug Anthony All Stars shows

    Tim’s Fake news You Can Trust at New Daily

    Maynard with Jedward last time they were in town.

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