Bunga Bunga 37 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga Bunga 37 is a show unlike any we’ve done before, sorta.

This time, Tim & Maynard journey to the heart of Australian Labor Party fundraising territory as Tim was hosting the evening and finally had an opportunity to meet Clementine Ford as she was the keynote speaker.

Tim is your host and Maynard is his date.

Young Maynard learns an important lesson about paying closer attention to Tim when in public.

Tim learns a lesson about, well, he doesn’t really learn anything at all, come to think of it.

A show full of feminism, fundraising and foolishness.

We answer your Crankmail, tell you where you can do some dancing and Maynard brings a picture book to class.

Where to hear the “Poetry Says” podcast with Alice Allan and guests.

New monthly Sunday afternoon dance club Electronique that starts this Sunday in Sydney

Some photos from Ellen von Unwerth’s “Couples”.

Some examples of leg lifters Tim is looking to buy.

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Tim Ferguson's cat Kitler in Bunga Bunga 37
Tim Ferguson’s cat Kitler in Bunga Bunga 37
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