• Bunga Bunga 39 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 39 has Tim Ferguson with the Doug Anthony All Stars in the UK. He’s working at the Edinburgh Festival followed by a season in London.

    Maynard and Tim tackle politics, sex, the moon landing hoax and rocks in your muesli (muesli-leaks).

    We answer your Crankmail about aeroplanes, autographs and the very meaning of Bunga Bunga itself. We have answers this multiple times, may we recommend having a slow binge listen to Planet Maynard, starting at Bunga Bunga 1

    In Bunga Bunga 39, Tim changes radio history, while Maynard plays with his doll (but it’s a good one).

    As heard in Bunga Bunga 39:

    Got rocks in your muesli?

    The easy listening 1960s supermarket sounds of the Seeburg 1000

    Wikipedia entry for Bunga bunga

    Teen Vogue guide to anal sex

    Maynard with Doug Anthony All Stars and fans at Enmore Theatre 2016

    Sound on the moon? Apollo moon hoax video. Watch from 48 minute point to hear the sound we talked about.

    Julie Newman as Catwoman, tries it on with Batman again.

    The Workers tell kids to go to bed 2012

    Big Dog tells kids to go to bed 1994

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