• Bunga Bunga 41 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 41 has Tim Ferguson giving dating advice to Maynard, but in doing so, he reveals a terrible secret.

    They both reveal the until now, secret upcoming Bunga Bunga live show; The Festival of Dumb Ideas, to be recorded at Harold Park Hotel, 14th November. they want to meet their audience and simultaneously find out if they have one.

    Tim & Maynard spy on a couple at the Madame Frou Frou Cafe, Tim claims he can read their minds. Maynard questions the wisdom of yoga pants.

    Bunga Bunga 41 has wide ranging themes, from dancing vs spoonology as an art form, to the always thorny issue of killing something in the name of poetry.

    But the discussion gravitates to comedy, sex and Sci-Fi.

    But not before Tim reveals an alarming trend in his cat Kitler’s musical taste.

    Come and bring your Crankmail and we’ll answer your questions live.

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    Maynard in Playboy mourning shirt
    Maynard in Playboy mourning shirt

    Playboy coffee art at Madame Frou Frou
    Playboy coffee art at Madame Frou Frou

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