• Bunga Bunga 44 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 44 with Tim Ferguson & Maynard is an action packed adventure ride through the exciting world of podcasting, popular music and multiple sclerosis.

    Tim and Maynard are flattered by the review that legendary Who Are These Podcasts? gave them. Really.

    Tim spills the medical beans on how he copes if his MS gets too intense. Maynard just spills some beans.

    The results of the Bunga Bunga Hottest 100 are in and it’s more controversial than last year, mainly because this is the first one.

    Tim is very excited about his upcoming pop up art exhibition, that is open for only 2 hours this Sunday afternoon.

    Details for Tim’s art happening this Sunday

    Maynard is excited by the reaction he received to his DJ work on Soundcloud.

    Have a listen to Maynard spin his 80s tunes.

    We couldn’t be prouder than OzKitsch making our national jingle number 2 on their Coldest 100 countdown.

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