• Bunga Bunga 51 – Maynard & Tim Ferguson

    Bunga Bunga 51 brings you all the hope and excitement of 2019. Thus making you really nostalgic for 2018 almost immediately.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard or Maynard & Tim Ferguson, but probably all four of them, have the starts and the smarts to show you a good time in January as we venture into a very certain uncertain political landscape.

    Maynard is starting a new Saturday night of retro grooves in Sydney at Red Bar in March and Tim is taking his new solo show on tour across Australia.

    Bunga Bunga 51 also leads you down the comedy back alleys less travelled as we meet Richard Wilkins, an unattended chicken and wake up to smell the cupcakes (or is that onions?).

    Our highly festive 2018 Bunga Bunga Xmas Xmas show (in case you missed it)

    Groove to the scary sounds of The Vinyl Dungeon with Christopher Laird

    Who Are These Podcasts? review an Australian vegan podcast.

    Where you can see Tim’s live show.

    The Ferguson Report in The New Daily – Fake News You Can Trust.

    Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine meets TISM & Kylie

    Bob, the painting Tim talks about in Crankmail.

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