• Bunga Bunga 52 – Maynard & Tim Ferguson

    Bunga Bunga 52 brings a feast of things you can’t put in your mouth.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard bring you the Moby Dick of podcasts. Without the Moby. You listener, are the whale. Bunga Bunga 52 is full of bad advice, bad language and questionable haircuts.

    Tim is touring to Adelaide & Brisbane. Maynard is going to his Loveshack in a hand basket.

    We talk about the Moon, bananas & Superdog pooping. What more can a rational listener want?

    Maynard’s Loveshack on Saturday night

    Tim’s upcoming live shows

    We recommend the opening credits of this Ann-Margret 1966 classic.
    Tim Ferguson art prints await his live shows.
    Tim Ferguson art prints await his live shows in Adelaide & Brisbane.
    The Cat From Outer Space was criminally passed over for an Academy Award.

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