• Bunga Bunga 55 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim and Maynard return with Bunga Bunga 55 just in time to advise the Australian Labor Party on their future AND blame their election loss on the catchy jingle they DIDN’T use.

    Tim is going to Hobart, Maynard is going Village People (again).

    Bunga Bunga doesn’t obsess over popular culture, we obsess obsessively over UNpopular culture.

    We raise trivial issues of great importance including (but are not limited to):

    Sir Lawrence Olivier, girl guides, Law & Order’s obsession with our podcast, what happens when Batman goes on holiday, Tim in a barrel, the sanctity of marriage/Star Wars, Apollo 11, the Hammond organ and the unearthly sound of Maynard’s possibly haunted harmonica.

    That Flying High scene we talk about

    Tim’s weekly Fake News in The New Daily

    Maynard backstage with Village People in 2010

    Maynard presents Can’t Stop The Music

    The kind of thing Tim complains about in his rant about men

    Where you can catch Tim’s show around Australia.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard bring you Bunga Bunga 46
    Tim Ferguson & Maynard wintering in Glebe.
    Be mesmerised by Omar on his mighty Hammond organ
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