• Bunga Bunga 56 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 56 returns for 2020 to save you from an expensive haircut.

    Tim Ferguson is sporting the latest look in Summer festival fashion, his sustainable “conflict haircut”. No one died for the look he has this month, described by Green Left Weekly as “no justice, no pants”.

    We introduce you to the newest member of the Bunga Bunga family:

    Kitler 2, Tim's new cat.
    Meet Kitler 2. As Tim says in the show; “He’s just like the second Titanic you never thought you’d see”. Here we see him judging Charlotte.

    Only the big issues in Bunga Bunga 56. We answer your Crankmail, find it more difficult than usual to launder money thru Westpac, and ask Tim if he owes Scott Morrison an apology.

    This year’s Coldest 100 tunes mentioned in the show.

    Tim’s live shows

    The Sydney Hellfire Club story Tim keeps asking about.

    Maynard supports Pseudo Echo, March 7th.

    Newcastle Fringe Festival program

    Maynard's Archive