• Bunga Bunga 57 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 57 brings poor advice and even worse lifestyle choices into your hearing once again.

    We hear from Tim on his new cat, Star Trek’s best movies, burlesque as a tax dodge, inappropriate dress for time travel and why cows and mining don’t mix.

    Tim and Maynard also dive deep into the burning social issue of feline appropriation.

    We also put our political predictions where our Trump is, by calling the results of the US election. Tim does anyway. Maynard is busy thinking about his Pseudo Echo support gig in March.

    Kitler 2 takes an important FaceTime call.
    Kitler 2 takes an important FaceTime call.

    Tim’s live shows around Australia

    Maynard supports Pseudo Echo March 7th

    Last to Die, the non fiction book Maynard is reading

    Tijuana Taxi interview, what a band!

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