• Buster Poindexter (David Johansen) interview 1990

    Buster Poindexter (David Johansen of New York Dolls notoriety) took time out from his lunch break while working on new songs with his band. Buster tells you how to dress, how to drink (a martini) and where to live (New York City).

    But what do ABBA & Tom Jones have to do with it?

    Buster was a regular on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s as part of the house band. Where his high hair just seemed to be teased that little bit higher every Saturday night.

    This interview was recorded for my Triple J breakfast show in 1990. Producer Simon Marnie can be heard recording the tape ID at the beginning, while playing with the tape’s speed controls.

    David Johansen still does his Buster Poindexter shtick occasionally around the US and did released four albums under that name.

    His sense of humour and ability to go with my unique line of questioning was very much appreciated.

    And after hearing this, wouldn’t you want to go to the beach with Buster? Or at least the cocktail lounge?

    Here is wonderfully 1980s clip with Micheal Keaton and plenty of finger clicking. Hit The Road Jack

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