• What Double J Should Sound Like turns the big 2

    What Double J Should Sound Like turned 2 recently and to celebrate the fact that Campbell Drummond, Jay Katz and crew have run out of periodic table elements to number shows with, it’s the End of Elements party this Friday night at The Gaelic Club in Sydney.

    The Gaelic Club will be arranged in Lounge mode for an evening of eclectic sounds from Campbell Drummond, Jay Katz, Miss Death, DJADHD, Lunar Module (Ant Banister) and even myself will be playing some favourites as well as getting the WDJSSL microphone out into the audience to gather requests for future episodes.

    Controversy still surrounds the inclusion in my set last year of Bananarama, but risky inclusion of The Human League in my playlist this year is sure to make Bananaramagate (as it has become known in legal circles) forgotten in the furore to come this Frday night.

    The visuals that DJADHD throws on the big screen will be sure to blow your tiny ape brain beyond the elements for the foreseeable future.

    It kicks off at 7pm and it’s all over, bar the shouting about that Human League track, by midnight.

    Get into the mood for Friday night by hearing the latest What Double J Should Sound Like 116 (Livermorium edition)

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