• The Dynamic Hepnotics are back (one show only)

    The Dynamic Hepnotics cut a rug across Australia & New Zealand in the 7 years they played across your wide brown land. And they are returning for 3 shows only. 1 in Sydney, 2 in Melbourne.

    These days they are busy people with busy music careers, so I put my foot in the door of the lead singer and all round playboy, Continental Robert Susz, at his swanky Kings Cross apartment. An apartment that Adam West himself would be jealous of.

    Join Continental Robert and myself in the Suszland music room for wine, music, gossip and Undercover Elephant.

    If you don’t go to their upcoming shows you truely are a burden to society.

    Get up offa that thing!

    The Dynamic Hepnotics official site and tickets to their shows.

    Continental Robert Susz site

    Soul Kind of Feeling clip (see if you can spot Dave Wray/Frank Bennett)

    Get all their remastered tracks at iTunes or Bandcamp

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    Robert Susz boxing in 1970s
    Robert Susz boxing in 1970s. “I stopped boxing because I didn’t like getting hit.”
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