• I love Berlin (& I’m not talking Weimar Republic)

    Thank you Enmore Theatre for one of the wildest shows it has been my pleasure to be involved with.

    Even before the show, everyone was singing along with every song on the pre show tape.

    My job was to come on and name the artists (although Stacey Q was unwell tonight and unable to play Sydney, fans should drop her a line and wish her a speedy recovery) and introduce and back announce them. The Sydney audience made it a pleasure.

    The crowd tonight hung on every song of every performer onstage, and when I genuinely thanked them for “actually leaving the house to experience music” they were ready for a huge night.

    I popped into the foyer and out the front of the Enmore Theatre with my camera crew (the Skeptic Zone podcast host Richard Saunders) to record some of the punters having a good time for this website and to show the world that shamelessness is no shame.

    I especially enjoy the range of reactions Berlin get to their set. Terri Nunn wandering among the crowd singing “Take My Breath Away” is a hi-light of the show. From a performers perspective, seeing 2000 people with their backs to the stage, watching her dance with an unexpecting couple at the very back of the venue is surreal.

    After the show Saturday night, Terri Nunn, David Schulz & Chris Olivas asked to have their photo taken with ME.

    I was honoured to ham it up with them. I see my job as making their job as performers easier. I’m hope that happened tonight.

    As I said “if the Weimar Republic had been anything like (the band we just saw) Berlin, the world would be a better place.”

    Roll on to Canberra……

    Maynard with Berlin Enmore Theatre, Totally 80s tour
    Maynard with Berlin Enmore Theatre, Totally 80s tour
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