• Video – Maynard Madd Club livestream – May 22

    The fifth One Man Madd Club live stream went off with some trouble due to Facebook blocking. But after I rang the Facebook after-hours number and did my fantastic Mark Z voice, they gave me the keys to Facebook.

    Lots of outfits you haven’t seen previously here. My favourite comment on the show was “more costume changes than Liberace”. High praise indeed. Although the lack of a belt caused a wardrobe malfunction that wasn’t seen.

    Here’s the show in its entirety. Enjoy, and tune in on Friday at 8:30-9:00pm.

    Coming to you from a world of wonk

    Madd Club Facebook page going back to 1990

    Last week’s Madd Club livestream

    Kylie Minogue & Maynard on a bed in Double Bay for an hour 1997

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