• Maynard Approved Shows

    Go to these shows and your life will be better

    What Double J Should Sound Like

    Campbell and Jay Katz didn’t like the ABC’s new Double J so they started their own weekly show to show them the way.

    No Agenda – With Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

    Crackpot and The Buzzkill explain it all. (In the morning.)

    Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Podcast

    Brian Dunning gets skyclad & skeptical from his hut tub of truth

    Look At His Butt!

    Sci-Fi, sex toys & Shatner. What else is there? With impeccable grammar too

    Coverville – World Famous Cover Music Podcast

    Brian Ibbott will rock your world with cover songs that thrill, shock and amaze.

    The Skeptic Zone Podcast

    The Australian Skeptics show with Richard Saunders & friends

    Village People – The Official Site

    I said “there’s no need to feel down”

    The Dumbed Down Atheist Podcast

    Rob Darby brings you the atheist news the way he sees it

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