• Maynard goes New Romantic on Sunday

    For one brief hour, just this once, I’ll be playing at the Electronique monthly New Wave afternoon this Sunday 3rd September with a New Romantic set sure to impress the shoulder pads off you all.

    Duran Duran, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Lene Lovich and even Blue Rondo a la Turk will be played between 4-5pm after which I will possibly be asked to leave the building by management, leaving Mark Vick & Jade to Grey to continue the regular New Wave sounds of the afternoon through to 10pm.

    That’s at Harpoon Harrys 4-5pm Sunday.

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    Maynard plays a touch of New Romantic with Jay Katz

    ABC Lexicon Of Love - London 1982
    ABC Lexicon Of Love – London 1982
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