• Maynard?

    Maynard was born in the part of Newcastle hospital that fell down in the earthquake. The son of Howard Cunningham and Gladys Kravitz of Hamilton South, he rapidly rose to the dizzy academic heights of year 11 at the same high school that silverchair went to. A career in the railway beckoned and during his 11 months working for State Rail of NSW was almost hit by a train only twice.

    Creativity was what he was looking for when he became a photographer at BHP’s Central Research labs at Shortland. While there he took many highly praised photographs of steam and managed to avoid BHP’s layoffs by leaving in the 80s, that showed ’em.

    Running away to join cabaret legends The Castanet Club he saw London, Edinburgh and Twin Towns.

    Radio ready, the manic mic man started at 2NUR in Newcastle then took his “Radio Stupid” show to 2SER in Sydney.

    JJJ foolishly liked what they heard and soon he was on weekend breakfast leading to weekday breakfast for 3 1/2 years during which he slept a total of 5 hours.

    He started the “MADD Club” at the Piccadilly Hotel in Kings Cross in 1987 and it ran inexplicably on a Monday night till 1994 peaking with a support tour with Bjorn Again in London. Best described as “a food fight with a DJ”, public liability won’t allow you to see that kind of thing anymore in this country.

    And there’s probably a good reason for that.

    Moved to “Sunday Afternoon Fever” he introduced Australia to Japanese Ska and Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas.

    Maynard worked on NEW-FM in Newcastle doing breakfast where he enjoyed ringing Torana owners at ten past six in the morning to explain themselves.

    The station was sold and went for that safest possible format known to music, even Ace Of Base were considered “far too edgy” and Maynard moved back to Sydney to begin a career on cable TV after making a pilot TV show “Fist Me TV” on stage at Kinsela’s in Sydney. Try getting that through as a “reality” show.

    He started on day 1 of Foxtel’s FX channel doing “Planet Fx” a sci-fi variety show that ran for 2 years before being moved to Red the music channel where he frightened the viewing public with Red Retro six days a week.

    Maynard moved to Channel V where he was until 2001

    Maynard hosted the breakfast show on 2SER-FM with DJ Sveta as well as breakfast on FBI Radio & FREE-FM during their test broadcasting periods, a golden time for radio in Sydney with a different radio station on the FM band every 3 months.

    He worked at the ABC, until 2014, as their Online Goose.The ABC was closed in 2015 due to lack of interest.

    Against all advice Maynard still DJs and even presents The Madd Club.

    The Madd Club Facebook Page

    Maynard has been a PR Associate for The No Agenda Show and has received commendations for his work from Adam Curry & John C Dvorak.

    Maynard’s favourite show while with the ABC was The Dirty Disbelievers. It was heard weekends on ABC digital radio across Australia during January 2012.

    The show made such an impact with middle management that it never found a time-slot with the ABC.

    Maynard is keepin’ it real, by keepin’ it wrong.

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