• Maynard’s Loveshack 4 – August 17th, Red Bar

    If you like your retro sounds eclectic, this is the night for you. Maynard, the retro DJ behind the Madd Club and Lance Leopard the guy behind all sorts of Oxford St antics in the 90s, present a night of shameless sounds that celebrate the pop and pretentiousness of the late 20th century.

    DJ TC will be playing his Australia vs England set from 8pm. As exciting as Eurovision!

    His Highness of Camp, Lance Leopard will be choosing the music from 9pm and will keep making an entrance, till he is noticed. He will make himself available to anyone who wants to debate his choice of music.

    Come along, dress nice, and check your cool at the door!

    Loveshack 4 Facebook event

    Maynard and dance floor Loveshack 3
    Maynard and dance floor groovin’ at Loveshack 3. Love those glow stick bunny ears.
    Maynard & Lance Leopard, Loveshack 3
    Maynard & Lance Leopard at the end of Loveshack 3
    Maynard with his stylists at Loveshack 3
    Maynard’s stylists turn up, Melissa & Zoe aren’t pleased with what he’s done with their work.
    Zoe smiling holding sign that says Gay Bit
    Zoe makes her feelings known.
    Tony Push as the human information booth at Loveshack 3
    Tony Push as the human information booth at Loveshack 3
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