• Tim Ritchie’s empty Sydney

    Tim Ritchie has been involved in the musical life of Sydney since the 70s. He has fallen into early morning photography (via bicycle) for a few years now and his first exhibition is open all this month at Folonomo Gallery in Bourke St. Let’s get arty, talking with Tim Ritchie, Paris from Groovescooter, DJ ADHD,…

    What Double J Should Sound Like turns the big 2

    What Double J Should Sound Like turned 2 recently and to celebrate the fact that Campbell Drummond, Jay Katz and crew have run out of periodic table elements to number shows with, it’s the End of Elements party this Friday night at The Gaelic Club in Sydney. The Gaelic Club will be arranged in Lounge…

    Jack The House 4 returns Friday

    This Friday night sees the return to The Sly Fox hotel in Enmore of Jack The House 4. DJ Mark Dynamix, Steve Gordon & Phil Smart will be bringing you the sounds from 1988 – 1992 that you haven’t heard that loud, or ever heard at all. The mixed happy crowd that is the trait…

    What Double J Should Sound Like 113

    Latest What Double J Should Sound Like show has plenty of variety from Campbell, Jay and myself. I brought along A Certain Ratio, B-52s (live, from that new album pictured), Colourbox, Tenpole Tudor and a rare Ringo Starr track (aren’t they all?) I have included the B-52s live track as they are touring with Simple…

    Bunga Bunga 31 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim Ferguson is off to the Edinburgh Festival with the Doug Anthony All Stars, Maynard has just returned from an Australian wide tour with lots of 80s stars. So they have a lot to talk about. They answer your Crankmail and mention Vengaboys and Limahl. This show Tim has some handy hints on how to…

    Totally 80s tour, totally done

    That’s the Totally 80s tour, totally done. The Totally 80s tour finished after 13 shows across Australia with a lineup you won’t see again in a hurry. Getting around the country with Martika (so peaceful) Limahl (the New Romantic’s New Romantic) Paul Lekakis (Mr Boom Boom) Katrina (most fun and best drinks rider), Stacey Q…

    Kim Wilde returns for Australian tour 2016

    The beautiful and talented Kim Wilde returns to tour Australia in November 2016 with the always polite Howard Jones. Kim Wilde speaks to us from her lounge room today about her music, her garden and her hair. I remind Kim of the last time we met, which naturally she has no recollection of, but she…

    Totally 80s audience bloopers- This is why we can’t have nice things

    When the Totally 80s show was in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre last week I had a great idea. Just go out into the crowd at Enmore Theatre and ask them how they liked the show, I thought. What could go wrong? I thought. It’s a great video, but probably not for the right reasons….

    Video: Totally 80s stole my brain Saturday night

    Saturday night at Enmore Theatre I ventured into the crowd to take the cultural temperature of the group zeitgeist. This turned out to be less than one of the more intellectual pursuits of the 21st century.

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