• The Killjoys for breakfast

    The Killjoys from Melbourne were always one on my favourite bands from that city. Although musically the opposite of bands like The Bachelors From Prague and certainly TISM, they carried a similar fun loving spirit about their music and live they were always, well, a delight. On 5th July 1991 I recorded this for the…

    Bunga Bunga 40 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard return with Bunga Bunga 40. A Bunga Bunga show that mends Australia’s ills and heals our society, but sadly they again fail to fix each other. We bring you real news, fake news, answer your Crankmail, present Moneyshot Theatre, take a journey in the Tim Tunnel with Tim and change the…

    Dave’s Dud Discs – 1 Rare Ungroovy

    Dave Mulligan brought Dave’s Dud Discs into my life originally in 1986 on Radio Stupid, the Saturday morning show on 2SER-FM. “Rare ungroovy” would be the best way to explain the collection of over 10,000 7″ singles that are in Dave’s collection. These segments are from the Triple J breakfast show 1988 & 1990 and…

    Spring is here on the 2017 Maynard calendar

    September is here in the 2017 Maynard calendar, and to celebrate the burst of colour that is Spring, it’s in full black & white monochrome. Do you recognise everyone pictured? There’s Stuart Wagstaff & Rachael Beck from my appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. The Teen Queens when they dropped in on Mind Twist one…

    It’s Mr Bon, Simon Le Bon

    Simon Le Bon talks to Maynard ahead of the Duran Duran Australian tour in 2010.

    Maynard goes New Romantic on Sunday

    For one brief hour, just this once, I’ll be playing at the Electronique monthly New Wave afternoon this Sunday 3rd September with a New Romantic set sure to impress the shoulder pads off you all. Duran Duran, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Lene Lovich and even Blue Rondo a la Turk will be played between 4-5pm after…

    What did you do in the Cold War Uncle Maynard ?

    1984, a time that thermonuclear war was even more tangible than now. AND we supposedly had adults in charge then. Using 2 Nagra reel to reel tape machines, I put this together in my lounge room in Newcastle East one night in 1984.. Wacky and very 1984. It was for broadcast on 2NUR-FM “Radio Stupid”….

    Bunga Bunga 39 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 39 has Tim Ferguson with the Doug Anthony All Stars in the UK. He’s working at the Edinburgh Festival followed by a season in London. Maynard and Tim tackle politics, sex, the moon landing hoax and rocks in your muesli (muesli-leaks). We answer your Crankmail about aeroplanes, autographs and the very meaning of…

    Clean your vinyl records the Maynard way

    If you have really, really dirty, filthy vinyl to clean, try the Maynard method and say; “dirt be gone”. In three minutes you’ll know the secrets of recovering those important Yazz or Polka records if you are ever in a flood. (works for most other musical artists & genres as well)

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