• A Very Unemployed Xmas 2015

    2015 has been the worst year ever for Maynard. So to help him through his Xmas show from outside his local bottle shop, Tony Push, George Hrab, Christopher Laird and Rob Darby drop in. Expect Xmas songs that shouldn’t be sung at Xmas. Expect surprises that shouldn’t happen to anyone at anytime of year.

    A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 – Part 2

    Another Xmas show that isn’t for children. In Part 2, Tim Ferguson and Maynard bring you a Xmas show too far. There are more Xmas tunes to play and more friends of Bunga Bunga to wish us all a Merry Shatmas. Guests; Floyd Vincent, Christopher Laird, Rob Darby & Skeptical Richard Saunders, who helps me…

    A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 – Part 1

    A Xmas show that is not for children, consider yourself warned. Tim Ferguson and Maynard empty their Xmas sack of goodness all over your floor. This year has been a cracker for Tim. Maynard’s 2014 was rubbish as usual. But you can’t stop the Bunga, with guest appearances from George Hrab, Danger 5, The Batman…

    A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

    Maynard welcomes Tim Ferguson, Tony Push, Christopher Laird and George Hrab to the bullshit finish to a bullshit year. They attempt to change his mind and fail. Plenty of musical surprises and archive sounds to make this the most bullshit Xmas of them all. 2013 was not a great year.

    Video – A Very Maynard Xmas 1998

    But what would A Very Maynard Xmas look like? In 1998 we found out when Foxtel’s Channel V assigned Mary Datoc and Maynard to dig up clips and music from around all Foxtel channels in a way that would never happen now. All the Channel V presenters of the time turned up at Maynard’s for…

    Get some Herb Alpert into you with Tijuana Taxi

    Tijuana Taxi the Sydney sensational Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass cover band are returning to The Camelot Lounge in Marrickville to blow your bolero jacket off. Tina Harris has been a fan of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass since hearing her parents’ vinyl records as a child. Great instrumental tracks like Spanish Flea,…

    Fiona Patten from sex to reason

    Fiona Patten, outspoken member of the upper house in Victoria has changed the name of her Sex Party to the Reason Party. One thing we know is that everybody wants to be reasonable, but no two people can agree on exactly what it is. Her recent book, Sex, Drugs & The Electoral Roll chronicles her…

    Patreon Pandering November 2018

    Patreon Pandering, every month, only for our important Planet Maynard Patreon supporters that no one else can watch. It’s a video from Maynard and Tim Ferguson, crawling right up your altruism. November is visual feast of flattery for the only listeners that matter, the Patreons. Join the Patreons and get the ridiculous level of regular…

    The Big Bunga Bunga 50 show

    Bunga Bunga 50, the highly anticipated and frankly overexcited 50th show calls to a world sick of reality and soundness of judgement. Tim Ferguson & Maynard remind you why and how Bunga Bunga has become the phenomenon it is today. With help from their famous (and not so famous) friends and stooges, enjoy some quality…

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