• Maynard at Sexpo 2010

    Maynard visits the Sydney adult industry event Sexpo. Think of it as the Easter Show of porn. From pole dancing to pole poking, it’s all under the one roof.

    Madd Club Show 4

    Road tripping with Maynard & Tony Push as they reveal the Big Prawn Caper via The Doylson RSL and requests for everything from Fatboy Slim to Howard Jones. The excitement building for their Sat night Village People support is very evident. Or maybe not.

    Madd Club Show 3

    This show Maynard & Tony reveal the bizarre connection between Madd Club & Village People. Revisit Hordern dance party sounds yet again. Talk to a bus driver (but not whilst his bus is in motion) and play the kind of music people who listen to this kind of show ask for.

    Richard Wilkins has it all

    Richard Wilkins has it all. Good looks, a long successful career and a lot of things we wouldn’t mind having ourselves. So why does everyone take the piss? Since he’s just released two 80s albums, now is a good time to ask, while he’s returning my calls. This might not happen for a while.

    Madd Club Show 2

    The Jam Tarts, Mr Floppy and Atlantic Ocean are some of your requests on the show. Also a graphic warning on the dangers of amyl nitrate. Wooh!

    Madd Club Show 1

    Join Maynard & Tony Push as they take your favourite Madd Club period requests and remind you of a much stranger time: The 90s.

    Tim Ferguson – The Cheeky Monkey

    Tim Ferguson has been a funny guy all his life. Whether as part of Doug Anthony All Stars or producing shows for ABC & Foxtel. His new book tells you how to be funny, get rich and maybe even get laid. The Cheeky Monkey is almost as good as being in his screenwriting class at…

    Tony Push Claims Madd Club Respectable

    Maynard & Tony Push wrap up the Madd Club night from a bus stop in Glebe with the help of Mel & Kim. Share the highs and the lows and the Posh Spice Pinyata “incident”

    Skeptoid – Brian Dunning from his hot tub of truth

    Brian Dunning broadcasts from his hot tub of truth every week, Skeptoid throws scientific enquiry onto the world of woo. But how do you keep your friends? And why would you want to set yourself up for this kind of aggravation? Brian Dunning was happy to tell.

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