Debbie Harry Interview 1990

Debbie Harry came into the Triple J studios in William St, Kings Cross the night after her Sydney show at Enmore Theatre in March 1990. I was told I only had 5 minutes and I tried to make the most of it with a bemused Ms Harry. It was probably the first time I’d had…

Bunga Bunga 24 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga Bunga 24 with Tim Ferguson & Maynard proves once again that cats will save democracy and look cute doing it. But what of Tim’s cat Kitler? What exactly is Kitler plotting in Tim’s Fortress of Arrogance? Maynard has been invited to this frosty yet smelly destination to ask Tim’s opinion of comedy critics, Communists…

Frank Bennett Swings

The legendary Frank Bennett played Lizottes in Newcastle recently and Maynard was there to capture the swinging’ groove & atmosphere. Along with Pete Porker & Mitch Capone a classy evening was almost had by all. Seeing Frank Bennett in his undies only added to the 1960s vibe of the show. Go see him live people….

Bunga Bunga 23 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga Bunga 23 comes to you direct from the Tim Ferguson Fortress of Arrogance, where Maynard & Kitler the cat listen to Tim rant on the most important political happenings from Australia’s history. But more importantly, are Star Wars, Dr Who, Prince or Morrissey really any good? Catch up on the upcoming DAAS and Maynard…

DJ Paul Holden returns for Jack The House 2

DJ Paul Holden has been working for 36 years as a DJ across Australia. He was behind the Bacchanalia parties during the Dance Party years of 1988-92, which are the sounds that he’ll be playing at Jack The House 2 this Friday night at The Sly Fox in Sydney. Sitting on his rooftop in Sydney,…

Bunga Bunga 22 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga Bunga 22 has Tim Ferguson calling you out for your slacktivism. Maynard tries to warm Tim to the sound of The Thompson Twins & we have a close shave with the Trumpster. Tim Ferguson & Maynard return in Bunga Bunga 22, offering you information and experience that only a lifetime of looking the wrong…

Maynardarama this Saturday night in Newcastle

Maynardarama again this month, this Saturday 8pm The Royal Exchange in Bolton St, Newcastle. $10 for something you don’t hear/see everyday. Click here for more info!

Men Without Hats

Ivan Doroschuk is Men Without Hats who had hits with The Safety Dance in August 1983 & Pop Goes The World in February 1988 in Australia. The Safety Dance was about dancers pogoing in nightclubs, while Pop Goes The World was about the 80s nuclear threat. Ivan Doroschuk is touring Australia for the first time…

Boom Boom Paul Lekakis

Paul Lekakis had a number one hit in Australia for 5 weeks in 1987 with Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back to My Room). But the hit dance track was recorded much earlier in Italy. Lively Paul Lekakis is a model/dancer/actor/singer that is coming to Australia as part of the Totally 80s tour and he’s never…

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