• Tim Ferguson, the eternal conundrum; Prince v Morrissey

    With the very untimely passing of Prince, we revisit Bunga Bunga 23 in which Tim Ferguson settles once and for all the philosphical challenge through the ages. Prince or Morrissey? And can you even have both? Over to you Ferguson….

    Jo Grant- Look out Doctor! Here comes a big one.

    The charming and diminutive Katy Manning played Whovian companion Jo Grant 1971-1973 with Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor Who. Together they battled Daleks, Autons and giant evil green maggots from Wales. This interview is from Maynard breakfast show 1991. Katy’s favourite line of dialogue was:”look out Doctor! Here comes a big one.” A line…

    On Waterfront Records – Chris Dunn

    Chris Dunn was one of the people behind Waterfront Records in Sydney, a legendary record shop and a record label that put out more than 170 releases between 1982 – 1997. The Hard Ons, Tumbleweed & Ratcat were the kind of sound that was favoured by Chris Dunn & Steven Stavrakis . Chris has just…

    Hordern Pavilion Dance Party Special

    ¬†Hordern Dance Party Special with Maynard¬†from Hordern Pavilion Dance Party Special. Maynard With the recent passing of DJ Paul Holden I was inspired to post the entire hour of a Special I did on Rewind on Channel V in 2001. Using footage originally shot at many dance parties by Charles Amsden in 1988 – 1990….

    DJ Paul Holden – In his own words

    I had the pleasure to interview Mr Paul Holden and have him share some of his life in the DJ box and the dance floor. He is no longer out there championing the cause of good grooves and vinyl. Enjoy this time Paul Holden and myself spent on his rooftop, chatting about the feeling you…

    Bunga Bunga 25 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    It’s Bunga Bunga 25 and Maynard looks kind of appalled as he realises Tim will use his gift of a new megaphone for evil, not decency. Bunga Bunga 25 has Tim Ferguson & Maynard battling a new crowd in a new Glebe cafe (Sappho) unused to the ways of Bunga. This show manages to annoy…

    What Double J SHOULD Sound Like show 92

    One of the shows I have a great time recording whenever they will have me is; What Double J Should Sound Like where Campbell, Jay Katz & Mr Hickey fight against the bland out of linear radio. I joined them for show 91 & 92 today and we had a time that you may well…

    Debbie Harry Interview 1990

    Debbie Harry came into the Triple J studios in William St, Kings Cross the night after her Sydney show at Enmore Theatre in March 1990. I was told I only had 5 minutes and I tried to make the most of it with a bemused Ms Harry. It was probably the first time I’d had…

    Bunga Bunga 24 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 24 with Tim Ferguson & Maynard proves once again that cats will save democracy and look cute doing it. But what of Tim’s cat Kitler? What exactly is Kitler plotting in Tim’s Fortress of Arrogance? Maynard has been invited to this frosty yet smelly destination to ask Tim’s opinion of comedy critics, Communists…

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