• Kim Wilde returns for Australian tour 2016

    The beautiful and talented Kim Wilde returns to tour Australia in November 2016 with the always polite Howard Jones. Kim Wilde speaks to us from her lounge room today about her music, her garden and her hair. I remind Kim of the last time we met, which naturally she has no recollection of, but she…

    Totally 80s audience bloopers- This is why we can’t have nice things

    When the Totally 80s show was in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre last week I had a great idea. Just go out into the crowd at Enmore Theatre and ask them how they liked the show, I thought. What could go wrong? I thought. It’s a great video, but probably not for the right reasons….

    Video: Totally 80s stole my brain Saturday night

    Saturday night at Enmore Theatre I ventured into the crowd to take the cultural temperature of the group zeitgeist. This turned out to be less than one of the more intellectual pursuits of the 21st century.

    Canberra and Katrina’s Totally 80s poodle

    Canberra’s venue has the best sound characteristics so far on the tour. In the Royal Theatre I was able to sit in as Martika and Limahl sound checked before the meet and greet with their fans, which I’ve started hosting as I can record interviews with the fans for Planet Maynard. I am still having…

    I love Berlin (& I’m not talking Weimar Republic)

    Thank you Enmore Theatre for one of the wildest shows it has been my pleasure to be involved with. Even before the show, everyone was singing along with every song on the pre show tape. My job was to come on and name the artists (although Stacey Q was unwell tonight and unable to play…

    Shameless 80s in Sydney

    The first night as MC in Melbourne at the very special Palais Theatre was a cavalcade of 80s sights and sounds. Although someone forgot to tell the crew there had been an MC added to the lineup, so sometimes my mic channel wasn’t up on the front of house sound desk. Paul Grey of Wa…

    Maynard, MC for the Totally 80s tour across Australia

    I join the Totally 80s tour tonight in Melbourne at The Palais, so for the rest of the month it’s the touring life once again. I’ve already met Real Life, Ivan (Men Without Hats), Paul Lekakis (he’s a live wire) and the very versatile backing band. The dancers have warned me that people jumped onstage…

    Sounds of Seduction nightclub 2000

    The legendary Sounds of Seduction, a full hour of fun and funky weird ass music video… Perhaps the most exotic and exciting night in Sydney’s history is Sounds of Seduction. Hosted by Jay Katz and Miss Death, it plays the broadest range of music imaginable. On the release of the now very collectable Sounds of…

    Last Maynardarama in Newcastle Saturday

    Saturday is the last Maynardarama in Newcastle. We’ve had some fun at The Royal Exchange in Bolton Street since November last year. Every month bringing a surprise line up of video clips to Dean’s big screen and welcome downstairs bar. I’m thinking Elvira might be a good way to go out. Full details at Maynard’s…

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