• Bunga Bunga 18 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    This show is ribald and NSFW. Maynard and Tim wonder who the real men are, without the help of Joe Jackson, but with the help of Sting’s underpants in Dune and a Zebra penis. Tim reads out a list of 80s singers he has a problem with. You may be here for a while… Maynard’s…

    Live at Maynard International Studios (annexe)

    Maynard and Richard A test of Periscope, live from Maynard International Studios (annexe). Who is Maynard’s favourite 80s band (today) and just what is the best episode of Lost In Space ever made? By the end of this video, you will have learned nothing, but you will be wiser.

    Gene Simmons Interview 1990

    Maynard interviews Gene Simmons in 1990. Gene was producing tracks for Doro Pesch at Fortress Studios in LA that day. Gene Simmons talks about the worst Kiss gig, how many cars he needs and how long the beach Boys could stay alive in New York City.

    Brian Canham talks Pseudo Echo

    Two interviews with Mr Brian Canham from 2008 and 2010, in which Brian talks about his career with Pseudo Echo and his hair. He explains his “artistically shaped lyrics” and a few of the artistically shaped cars he has owned (that broke down in very unartistic ways). Is he still Listening? Does he still Love…

    Maynard live from Goros

    Toho Nights is Jay Katz latest night in Surry Hills, Sydney. He brings a touch of Tokyo with his sounds and videos. Maynard was invited along to do his thing and they both dressed well for a night of music that Maynard is proud of. There is a complaint about the Human League, but Maynard…

    Maynard rocks the Painters & Dockers

    The interview starts off well, with Maynard referring to the legendary band as the Painters Dickers, which could absolutely only be a cue card typo and definitely not a crass moment from the usually chaste Maynard. This is no ordinary sit-down interview; instead you will find an action-packed rollercoaster, perfectly recreating the experience of Melbourne’s…

    Australian Tunnel Rats vs The Taliban

    Interview with Jimmy Thomson, the co-author of Tunnel Rats vs The Taliban. The story of Australian Army engineers in Afghanistan. Explicit language expected. 13/08/2015

    Hellfire Club Pops Cherries at The Shift

    This show is ribald, lewd and not for the faint hearted. It was a decadent night of openings and virgins as The Sydney Hellfire Club took over its brand new venue, the storied Midnight Shift. Success was guaranteed long before the doors swung open, with a crowd at least a hundred deep waiting to ascend…

    Bunga Bunga 17 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim Ferguson remains unrepentant about that singer. Maynard swings some dirty books Tim’s way. You get advice on what to wear and who to wear. Bunga Bunga 17 proves why Bunga Bunga is Australia’s fastest growing podcast. Ribald and NSFW If you would like to help with production costs and be a producer of the…

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