• The History of ASIO

    John Blaxland has an extensive background in Joint Intelligence Operations for Australia and has authored volume two of The Official History of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. John Blaxland covers the protest years of 1963-1975. Maynard is paranoid, has he got anything to worry about? What can we learn from the way ASIO has behaved in…

    Adam Ant Interview 1990

    Adam Ant answered questions in this Maynard interview from 1990 about manners, fashion, his dating status, but most importantly, undies. He knows why women love 1940s boxer shorts on men.

    De La Soul Interview 1991

    Kelvin Mercer (Posdnuos) from De La Soul in 1991 on the release of their album De La Soul Are Dead. We discuss sampling, answering machines and people trying to give you demo tapes all the time. Somehow Neil Diamond is mentioned.

    Bananarama Interview 1989

    April 1989 & Bananarama tour Australia for the first time. Maynard chats with Jacquie O’Sullivan (who replaced Siobhan Fahey when she left to do Shakespears Sister) about Melbourne nightclubs, safe sex and heavy drinking during their World Tour. This is a real time capsule from 1989. You don’t get so many questions about condoms these…

    Bunga Bunga 20 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim & Maynard return with Bunga Bunga 20 to bring you the birth of the latest show for the Doug Anthony All Stars; Near Death Experience. Follow the lads and their fans over two weird nights at the Harold Park Hotel in Sydney. DAAS try out the jokes and songs for the first time in…

    Jack The House with DJ Mark Dynamix

    November 13th brings a return to the sounds of the Hordern Pavillion parties of 1988-1992. Jack The House is a one off party being put on by DJ Mark Dynamix. Let’s dive into those years and find out what will be on the playlist on the night. This could be a chance to wear those…

    They Might Be Giants tour 2015

    Mr John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants speaks to us from the bustling borough of Manhattan. John and John will be touring Australia in November and would be chuffed if you go to see them. Mr Flansburgh discusses guitars, their upcoming releases and the staying power of the cassette tape.

    Bunga Bunga 19 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga returns! After a few months off, Tim Ferguson has some explaining to do. Maynard is feeling sad, Tim tries to cheer him up by announcing the end of the world. The Muppets lead to a heated debate. They answer your questions and discuss love, loss and Spaceballs. By the end of Bunga Bunga…

    Inside and Outside the Kiss Sydney Concert

    Maynard with Kiss fans outside Sydney concert. Kiss played Sydney on Saturday, and just the Kiss stage show is larger than life, so are their fans. Out the front of the arena were three generations of fans, dressed and made up, ready for the huge night it was. Even “The Elder”, a lesser appreciated Kiss…

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