Madd Club Show 1

Join Maynard & Tony Push as they take your favourite Madd Club period requests and remind you of a much stranger time: The 90s.

Tim Ferguson – The Cheeky Monkey

Tim Ferguson has been a funny guy all his life. Whether as part of Doug Anthony All Stars or producing shows for ABC & Foxtel. His new book tells you how to be funny, get rich and maybe even get laid. The Cheeky Monkey is almost as good as being in his screenwriting class at…

Tony Push Claims Madd Club Respectable

Maynard & Tony Push wrap up the Madd Club night from a bus stop in Glebe with the help of Mel & Kim. Share the highs and the lows and the Posh Spice Pinyata “incident”

Skeptoid – Brian Dunning from his hot tub of truth

Brian Dunning broadcasts from his hot tub of truth every week, Skeptoid throws scientific enquiry onto the world of woo. But how do you keep your friends? And why would you want to set yourself up for this kind of aggravation? Brian Dunning was happy to tell.

80s Exhibition Powerhouse

The Sydney Powerhouse opened their 80s pop culture exhibit in Novenber & I was there to capture some voices from the vault. DJ Scott Pullen, RAT Party Guru Jac Vidgeon, Wally the sexbomb barmaid & DJ, and Lance Leopard a blogger from a time before blogs. Even found time for a lost classic from 1989.

The Madd Club Reunion Sat 30th Jan – Kinselas WHY?

The legendary Madd Club returns to Middlebar, Kinselas, Taylor Square, Sat 30th Jan 2010. Maynard & Geoff The Shopkeeper preview some of the poorly thought out music they will be playing & Maynard reflects upon the greatest band ever –  Right Said Fred. Win yourself a double pass by emailing Maynard with your best Madd…

Wash Your Bike Shorts In My Sink

A request from a listener for The Dream Warriors our favourite Canadian indigenous rappers. Maynard & Geoff The Shopkeeper also praise Italio House and your chance again to test your 90s dance music memory in Are You Peaking, Like I’m Peaking? Bring your own drugs as usual. Ours might be a bit too strong, which explains…

Betty Boo

Take a trip (we did) back to the Hordern dance party days in Sydney 88-92ish with Geoff The Shopkeeper and look at some of the great songs brought to us by Betty Boo and other female dance artists of the time. Bring your own drugs.

Everything Starts With An E

Maynard & DJ Geoff (the shopkeeper) dig into the dark but enlightened times of 88-94, the Hordern Pavillion dance party years in Sydney and reveal another lost classic. Was the E stronger? It would explain the fashion at Raves. This episode we start the E Quiz sensation Are You Peakin’, Like We’re Peakin’

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