• Wash Your Bike Shorts In My Sink

    A request from a listener for The Dream Warriors our favourite Canadian indigenous rappers. Maynard & Geoff The Shopkeeper also praise Italio House and your chance again to test your 90s dance music memory in Are You Peaking, Like I’m Peaking? Bring your own drugs as usual. Ours might be a bit too strong, which explains…

    Betty Boo

    Take a trip (we did) back to the Hordern dance party days in Sydney 88-92ish with Geoff The Shopkeeper and look at some of the great songs brought to us by Betty Boo and other female dance artists of the time. Bring your own drugs.

    Everything Starts With An E

    Maynard & DJ Geoff (the shopkeeper) dig into the dark but enlightened times of 88-94, the Hordern Pavillion dance party years in Sydney and reveal another lost classic. Was the E stronger? It would explain the fashion at Raves. This episode we start the E Quiz sensation Are You Peakin’, Like We’re Peakin’

    Jack Marx

    Jack Marx never liked official Australian history, too much conformity and sucking up. His new book Australian Tragic celebrates and shines a light into our darker crevices. He reads from his book and reveals where his hair went. The list of insults written by the Australian press about Steve Irwin (before he died) is very…

    Try Me Out

    DJ Neil Hume worked some of the darkest Sydney dance clubs during 88-95 and saw things that eventually turned him into a pillar of salt. He is still a regular DJ and will be on the Ziggurat reunion party Sat 24 October. But what will he be playing?

    The Hitman

    Travel back to a time without temperance. The early 90s when Geoff The Shopkeeper & Maynard were in the middle of The Hordern Pavillion dance party scene. These stories will stir memories or serve as a warning to others. 1993 brought us The Hitman from AB Logic. It may sound like a car alarm now,…

    Star Trek Movie Butt Style

    Lene Taylor & Jungle Kitty host Look @ His Butt. A show about all things Shatner. But what do they think of the new Star Trek movie? Do they still think Chris Pine is an idiot? And thrill to the little known hit “Leonard Nimoy” from Freaky Realistic

    Peace (in ya valley)

    Geoff The Shopkeeper and Maynard were some of the thousands in the middle of the Hordern dance party scene in Sydney 88-92. Revisit the music, drugs and gossip of a “time that temperance forgot”. Sabrina Johnson had a killer dance floor anthem in 91 with “Peace”, just don’t confuse her with Rozalla.

    Julia Morris shames herself

    Julia Morris has been shaming herself since the 80s and her new show gives us all a good look at her lesser moments. She dressed like Paul Weller and enjoyed far too many “overnight romances”. But things are looking up now she is the latest “face of fibre” on Australian television.

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