• Adam Curry – Media Assassin

    Adam Curry with John C Dvorak host No Agenda, a show that “hits you in the mouth”.  I spoke with Adam from his hilltop watchtower crackpot command centre. What’s with all these jingles and crackpot warnings?

    Greg Fleet – Thai Die

    Greg Fleet is bringing the comedy of his nightmare time held hostage with an axe, thinking he was going to die (yes, it’s funny) to The Sydney Comedy Festival 3-7 May

    Radio Stupid 3.9.1988 Eat Rat Giveaway

    10am Sat 3rd Sept 1988. Another Radio Stupid show goes live to air a week before the EAT RAT Party at Hordern Pavilion, ushering in the time of Club Hordern and Maynard has no idea what is going on. I still don’t. Unedited and all.

    Douglas Adams Interview Triple J 1990

    One morning in December 1990 Kylie Sturgess recorded on cassette my interview with Douglas Adams on my Triple J breakfast show. She kept it next to her bed for 20 years (with the erase tabs off) so now, here it is! He was in Australia for “Last Chance To See”.

    Requests from TAM Australia

    Wandering among the crowd at TAM Australia you soon learn that no two skeptics have the same taste in music. Brian Dunning just screamed when the subject of Right Said Fred was offered.

    Madd Club Show 6

    Maynard, fresh from the big Madd Club show the night before, attempts to cool down with Tony Push in the Madd Club bus shelter studios. With the help of Boy George, Scatman and KC.

    Madd Club Show 5 – Village People Special

    Join Maynard as he supports Village People at their Enmore, Sydney show 16.10. 2010. Go backstage, upstage and beyond as we talk to the guys, staff and fans of this disco powerhouse.

    Maynard at Sexpo 2010

    Maynard visits the Sydney adult industry event Sexpo. Think of it as the Easter Show of porn. From pole dancing to pole poking, it’s all under the one roof.

    Madd Club Show 4

    Road tripping with Maynard & Tony Push as they reveal the Big Prawn Caper via The Doylson RSL and requests for everything from Fatboy Slim to Howard Jones. The excitement building for their Sat night Village People support is very evident. Or maybe not.

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